Check in/Check out Procedure

Prior to going in the field you will be REQUIRED to call/text either Rachel Williams or Joanna Gilkeson so we know when you expect you back. Please provide us with an emergency contact that WILL NOT be with you in Saline Valley. If you do not return, we will begin implementing our emergency procedures and will notify the sheriff that you are overdue. Additional details regarding our emergency procedures will be updated soon.

  1. At 1 hour past your expected arrival we will attempt to contact you. If you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact your emergency contact.
  2. At four hours past your expected arrival, we will contact the sheriffs office to report that you are overdue. The sheriff will then determine how best to proceed in searching for you.

Please do not forgot to check out with us when you return from the field. We do not want to worry unnecessarily and we do not want to waste the valuable time of the sheriffs office and search and rescue personnel.