Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

Collecting data can be expensive and time consuming. Citizen science allows members of the public to participate in the collection of important data and contribute to the current body of knowledge on a topic. New technology such as mobile apps has made it even easier to collect data with the help of the public. There are many different opportunities for the public to help with research projects ranging from those that occur on a small, local scale or cover larger areas that span multiple states.

Citizen Science and Monarchs

In the past and present, citizen science has played an important role in collecting data on monarch butterflies. For instance, individuals can help identify when and where they see monarch butterflies so we can track their migration or identify the routes they use. Citizen science volunteers can also help to monitor overwintering sites and track changes in the number of monarch butterflies over time.

Monarch Joint Venture has many different options for citizen scientists to help collect data on monarch butterflies.